Success is a very wide topic and it could literally mean almost anything. Some people achieve success and others only look on from the side in envy. Envy is really bad, not only because the Bible tells us it is bad, but because it totally degrades our own abilities in achieving our goals.

When we do not have something, we don’t always strive towards improving ourselves to get it. We rather just look on at successful people and we keep on saying things that make us come across as jealous. Things like they are lucky and we start to envy them which later leads to hate.

If we just drop that mindset and we start to model success, we will be more successful in life. Warren Buffet said that in order for us to be successful or even more successful than the other people, we should model their success. Tony Robbins also said that if you want to become as rich as I am, do what I do.

People don’t believe that success could be repeated and they try their very own ways, this may lead to failure and then the cycle of envy will start all over again. Instead of becoming angry and degrading ourselves, we should just model the success of others and take the same calculated risks that they have taken. If we cannot do that the how do we expect to be as successful as they are.

Success is out there and we all are able to achieve it. We should work harder and learn more. If you are successful, you should watch out for complacency. If you have always worked harder than your competitors, you should keep working harder than them, read more than them and even wake up earlier than they are. I always tell someone working for me: If you come in at 5 am then I will start coming in at 4:45 am. The reason being hard work is the ultimate reason for my success.