Since the boom of passive income, the trend is still extremely hot and everyone wants to jump on this band wagon. And why not? Who does not want to become rich doing the absolute minimal?

More and more people are converting to online business and they are slowly figuring out how social media could help them with their marketing efforts. Social media is actually free and if you do not use that outlet, it will be like leaving money on the table.

Social media can also be used to generate passive income, either by referencing people to your very own site or by just simply posting your own affiliate links on places like Twitter and Facebook fan pages. The key to doing this is to avoid being caught as a spammer and the mistake many of the new comers tend to make is they just keep tweeting affiliate link after affiliate link. People will then get irritated and you will see your following will drop.

The correct way to use social media is actually not that hard, but it does take a little extra time and effort. Unfortunately making money online won’t just happen, you will have to work hard initially.

The way I personally approach social media is to actually conduct research into what people are interested. This could be done by using the free twitter tool called Twitter analytics. this tool is very easy to use and everyone should use it to get an idea of their audience.

After doing my research, I like to find content that is relevant and that I consider to be good, Things like easy to do tips or how to posts. This will make people feel like you are giving them something they want or did not have.

In this information age that we live in, it is good to give people more and more information. People will like to learn something new from you, you just have to make it easy and simple for them to understand.

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