A question I like to ask myself over and over again, every time I look at another video telling me what I must do to quit my day job and how profitable the internet is when I sign up to their products.

But, what if I like my day job and I already know how profitable the internet is, what if I make more money than you showing me your video, but I choose to maximize all forms of income and then invest the excess that I earn in the stocks. This simply leaves me with three alternatives to make money with and once I start pulling dividends, I will be wealthy and not just rich.

Rich is something we all thing we want, but actually we strive towards becoming wealthy and once we can achieve that, we are truly successful. Complacency has been proven to be the single biggest factor in letting companies fail and not achieve their goals.

Many rich business owners have the capability and brain capacity to become wealthy, but then they start taking money from their own companies and they lose at the ultimate end, thus making them nothing better than any other soul just sitting at home watching television.

If you become wealthy and something fails, it is easy to get back up on your feet and have your wealth help you carry on through the tough times. wealth is really great and even the greats like Warren Buffet suggests that people keep working harder every day and challenging themselves even more.

I really hope you have enjoyed this little piece of insight and that you might feel a little different about the position you are currently in. Motivation and the excellence are two of the main driving factors that will lead to success and ultimately catching the dream.