I believe every person should ask them self why they are attempting to reach a certain goal. We have already learned that we need to set up goals in order to accomplish something or we won’t stay on course to reach something we dream about or aspire to.

Without goals in life it becomes kind of waiting only to die and that is not the reason we were put on this earth. I believe we all were put on this earth to achieve greatness. Even if we do not become that successful, we will all one day accomplish something or at least we will strive to accomplish something. In this wonderful book I read some while back, the author perfectly describe how our mindset could eventually out motivation. Motivation: The 7 Laws Of Motivation: Explode Your Motivation And Create A Mindset Built For Success (The 7 Laws, Motivation, Positive Motivation, Psychology of Success)

Now motivation will only get you so far in achieving your goals. I believe each person should find they WHY in life. I also firmly believe and I talk from experience, that your WHY will be the reason to wake you up every morning when motivation stops. Motivation will eventually stop and thus many people eventually also give up.

I recommend to all people to find their why and the reason you set out to achieve a certain goal in the first place. This will greatly reduce the chances of you giving up in life and eventually reach that goal.

As a side note I also recommend reading. Reading motivational posts and quotes, even some great books from Authors like Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie, has had someway of getting me to refocus in life and find another angle when I encounter a problem.

This is just one of many more great books written by a great author How to Win Friends & Influence People