We all encounter stress on a daily basis, we start accepting stress as a part of every day life, but we do not even contemplate the effects stress has on our everyday lives.

Stress can tear up relationships and even drive families apart, one of the components of stress is the cause of fear and fear causes us to react on impulse and a little irrational at times. They say a person is his most honest in the face of death and fear.

Stress can be attributed to work of even financial problems, but mostly it all starts with work, having a difficult boss perhaps could cause immense stress and that could change our behavior at home.

A few relaxing activities will really reduce our work related stress, Yoga for instance will clear the mind, but the stress will come back unless we solve the common cause of the problem.

This book written by up and coming non fiction author and student of psychology, Jean Whitehead is great a simple and easy read to help combat work related stress problems

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